Oryx gaming offers operators a resilient platform with countless opportunities
of integration and seamless adaptation to various legislative environments.

About Oryx Gaming

In 2010 Oryx Gaming was founded with a single goal in mind: develop a powerful platform for gaming operators and media groups across the globe. Our team incorporates people with expertise in various fields: gaming, entertainment, IT services, software development, content development, law, finances, customer support and digital marketing. We all have previous experiences in online gaming business, which enabled us to build our product from ground up without any compromises.

Our client focused approach led us to create a highly adaptable modular gaming platform with a custom game portfolio which can be upgraded with 3rd party content and additional business services at operator’s discretion with little to no effort.

We are well aware of the ever changing needs of the gaming segment. Currently the sales channels are evolving before our eyes and trending towards online, social and mobile platforms. With Oryx Gaming business solution we reached the level of flexibility where we can place the content where the operator wants it to be, which undoubtedly is where the prospect of revenue is the most promising.

Oryx Gaming – Born to Play

  • Oryx Gaming provides an efficient business strategy for online gaming operators and media groups around the world. Our turnkey product is a one-stop solution adaptable to various markets and legislative environments. Its flexibility meets customer demands with ease and can be set and reset to meet the strictest regulations.
  • Because we believe we offer the best-of-breed products and services in one single package. Whether you are an online, mobile or land-based operator, a media group, or all of the above, with Oryx Gaming you receive a fix-it-all tool to provide your players that perfect gaming experience they are looking for.
  • Oryx Gaming is a company of industry experts with years of experience in the field of online gaming.
  • Oryx Gaming is a multinational company with offices in the US, Estonia, Malta, and Slovenia.
  • Oryx Gaming set on its journey in 2010 and its products hit the market in 2012.


"We continuously maintain client focused approach and
carefully listen to the changing needs of the gaming segment."